graphic design services


These days it seems that everyone is a web designer. Your neighbor’s aunt Judy’s nephew built a website for his Halo clan, so why not have him design your website? The answer to that is simple, because your business isn’t a game. A poorly designed website can do more harm to your business than having no website at all. A properly built web page should be informative, easy to navigate, search engine friendly, all while instilling a feeling of competence with the user. Without this, your potential clients will think the contrary, and continue on to your competitors.


We understand that it takes more than just a couple of pictures and a few lines of text to create a functional business web page. Utilizing the latest in web design &  search engine optimization techniques, we incorporate these components into interesting custom built designs that captivate the viewer. All at a price that is affordable for even the most modest of budgets.


So contact Squeegie Studios today and see what we can build for you.