graphic design services

Even in what is an endless sea of digital media, the need for business cards, brochures, and fliers have never been more important. Printed collateral is just one more cog in the marketing machine, and be just the little something extra that grabs the attention of your potential customers. These quick “pick up” pieces of information can be especially useful in situations where digital media is less than convenient ( such as a restaurant, check out lines, hotel lobby, etc.).


 Squeegie Studios has been creating exciting eye-catching printed designs for a wide variety of industries. It all begins with a great design, and we have the talent and experience to create printed media that your potential customers want to pick up! Once we have it in their hands, our client proven techniques deliver the right amount of information that is easily retained without boring the viewer. This equates to a positive return on your advertising dollar and more new customers for your business!

Squeegie Studios came recommended to me by an Internet friend. For Ewan Press, they created our brand and three e-book covers. While the writing gets crappy reviews, its Squeegie's artwork that continues to garner amazing reviews from other readers, writers and even publishers. The first question always asked is “Who did the cover art?” I couldn't be happier with the price, production and final product.

 KA Harris -Ewan Press