graphic design services


These “about us” sections of websites are usually filled with egotistical buzzwords designed to get you to think they are the greatest design firm on the planet. That’s not what we are “all about”.

We are not a big time design firm. Not even close. We are a small group of very talented freelance artist who genuinely love what we do. We are the people who have a passion for creative ideas, and want to help business owners utilize that passion to expand their businesses.  We believe in the mom & pop companies, the start-ups, and the family businesses who have been passed down from generation to generation. These are the people who we work for.. who we invest in, and who we put so much time and energy into creating the perfect design for.


So what is it that we do? A simple questions with a simple answer right? Maybe so, however the answer is not as obvious as it seems. What we do is offer peace of mind. When faced with a need for the perfect artwork, you could spend an eternity trying to find a design company that encompasses all facets of design, regardless of application or genre.


 With Squeegie Studios, there is no need to worry that a deadline will be missed, or a design won't be what you expected. We work with you all the way through, so that every design we do is exactly what you were looking for (even if you weren't sure what that was when you started). We design for what works now & for the future. Our artist utilize current trends in advertising, while creatively blending styles of tomorrow to get the most from your advertising dollar. All at a cost that keeps the big ad firms up at night.


 For most business owners, developing creative content is a daunting task. With their mind on day to day business, most are forced to choose between amateur clip art, and an over-budget high-priced design agency. That's where we come in.


 This is a design company unlike any other. We have thrown out our stuffy, starched collars and embraced a relaxed, fun atmosphere with our clients. We work one on one with our clients to build relationships that are conducive to creativity. This results in a design that exceeds our clients expectations in half the time & cost of those stuffy firms. However, don't let our laid back attitude deceive you. Our capabilities are only rivaled by our drive for perfection. We believe in setting the trends, not following them like mindless cattle. The best part is that you get all this without the hassle and high cost of your typical design firms.