graphic design services

Whether you need architectural renderings, product concepts, or looking for broadcast animation graphics, Squeegie Studios can deliver. We use the same state of the art 3D design software featured in major motion pictures, all without the big movie budget prices.


Concept artwork can be created from a multitude of sources.. from a simple pencil sketch on a piece of copy paper, to full scaled blueprints from your architect. We can fill in the blanks to provide you with a rendering that will impress both clients and investors, all while bringing your vision to life.


and yes.. we can also create stunning fly-through animations, broadcast graphics, and digital product mock-ups, and fully scored presentations!


Affordable 3D renderings, delivered quickly when you need them.




Carson, at Squeegie Studios, met with me before we started the church building at Miracle Village in Haiti.  I gave him a verbal description of the building and a piece of paper with a few dimensions on it.   It interpreted it beautifully.....I really appreciate his attitude, expertise, and attention to detail as he worked with us on that Love a Child project.

I really appreciated all the research he put into the type of people, their dress, the terrain, and the landscape.  The final project looks just like a photo.

Mark Ostrander

 Love A Child Ministries